We bind books and catalogues using revolutionary polyurethane adhesive bonding technology. The binding of PUR books guarantees very high durability, resistance to high and low temperatures, UV light and high humidity.

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PURMELT — superiority at first sight

  • Heat resistance

    Correctly bound brochures show no change in test temperatures up to 90° Celsius. Conventional Hotmelt, on the other hand, usually decays at 50° Celsius.

  • Cold resistance

    The spine of a properly framed Purmelt-a does not become brittle and does not break at temperatures down to -40ºC. 
    Hotmelt-based luminaires become flexible and brittle even at temperatures close to 0ºC.

  • Adhesion

    Thanks to their chemical structure, PUR adhesives offer outstanding adhesion even with problematic materials reaching a tear strength of up to 10 N / cm.

  • Execution vs. performance

    Due to their chemical structure, PUR adhesives provide higher tear strength values than typical adhesives.

  • Flexibility

    PUR gluing offers high flexibility for a thin (0.2 mm) adhesive layer compared to conventional gluing methods.

  • Modeling

    Purmelt can be freely modelled from 12 to 24 hours after binding.

  • Low glue application temperature

    The PUR adhesive can be applied at temperatures of 120 °C.

  • Odporny na składniki zawarte w farbach i dyszach drukarskich

    Po zawiązaniu się kleju, Purmelt jest odporny na działanie składników zawartych w farbach i dyszach maszyn drukujących

  • Durability

    Books intended for long periods of use will retain their properties.

    Once glued together, the book retains its resistance and resistance to UV light, high and low temperatures and high humidity.