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Technical parameters of provided materials

Information about providing prepared materials                           

Materials should be provided on time - accorded in Print Order or Contract, and according to technical conditions:

                 We accept only digital materials allowing us to work in PC or Mac environment
                  TIFF or EPS format with fonts changed to curves
                  PDF format up to 1.4 version
                    – in using software: In Design, FreeHand, QuarkXPress, Corell Draw, PDF's should be prepared by printing
                       document to PostScript and remake it to PDF format using Acrobat Distiller (choose CREO PDF or Press Quality)
                  Filenames should start from numbers of pages in publication and date
                  Definition 300 DPI
                  Images should be in high definition - 300 DPI and should be deseparated in CMYK
                  Please avoide JPG/LZW compression
                  Maximum allowable value of TAC – 280%
                  CMYK colours (all additional spot colours, example: Pantone standard should be changed to CMYK)
                  Thin lines (min. Thickness 0.4) and other graphical elements should be prepared in one colour
                  Black texts on colour background should be overprint
                  Minimum level of writing in colour or contra is 8 points for single element fonts, 10 points for double element fonts
                  Important text and graphical elements should be placed in 5mm distance from side cut lines and 10mm from spine
                  In prepared documents shoul be added 3mm slope each side (each side slope has to be equal, because page
                    is centered during montage)

                  Materials on CD and DIGITAL PROOF prepared in 1:1 scale
                  Connecting our ftp server - individual acces after consulation
                  Documents should be placed in named folder - company name and date
                  Add text file with phone number and e-mail address to person who's responcible for preparing materials

           3. NOTICE
                  Placing materials incompatible with Technical Conditions excludes any complaints
                  Any changes in povided materials will be ploted on CUSTOMER'S WISH. After enforcement, changes have to be
                    accepted by e-mail of fax
                  Files to change, sent after acceptation, should have very accurately description added in e-mail or faxed:
                    +4842/250 70 95
                  Unprovided proof causes lose right to colouristic complaints

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